The Graying of the Great Powers – Demography and Geopolitics in the 21st Century

This part of our publication presents texts which are not original. They are motivated and written under various contexts: they provide an insight on the fact that the lenghtening of the life cycle is of greater and greater concern and interest in many different directions. The counter-ageing society is an issue which needs to be perceived on the basis of a true, practical as well as theoretical, multidisciplinary approach. On the basis of this larger vision, the work, activity and research of any specialist can be better appreciated and given value within the framework of a global background of reference.

Book Summary

In the spring of 2008, the Global Aging Initiative at the Center for Strategic and International Studies published the Graying of the Great Powers, an in-depth study of the geopolitical implications of ‘global aging’— the dramatic transformation in population age structures and growth rates being brought about by falling fertility and rising longevity worldwide. The viewpoint of the study is that of the United States in particular and of today’s developed countries in general. Its timeframe is roughly the next half-century, from today through 2050.
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The Lenghtening of the Life-Cycle appears more and more to be a decisive, even revolutionary event of our times. It is spreading worldwide and it concerns the economic development as well as society at large.
The European Papers on the New Welfare are dedicated to better understand this phenomenon and to stimulate discussion on adequate solutions, in particular with reference to the ‘counter-ageing society’, the ‘rejuvenation’ (svecchiamento) of the elder and their active participation in and contribution to the every day life. Let us point out a few key reference points:
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