The Geneva Association is a unique non-profit worldwide organisation formed by some 80 Chief Executive Officers of the most important insurance companies in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Its main goal is to research the growing economic importance of insurance activities in the major sectors of the economy.
The Geneva Association acts as a forum for its members, providing a worldwide unique platform for the top insurance CEOs. It organises the framework for its members and their companies to exchange ideas and discuss key strategic issues. To this end, it has established large international networks of experts and high-level industry platforms. The Geneva Association serves as a catalyst for progress in this unprecedented period of fundamental change in the insurance industry. It seeks to clarify the key role that insurance plays in the further development of the modern economy.
Its activities are focused around 6 research programmes which constitute the core of its research activities:
1) Risk Management: The aim of this programme is to research and illustrate the new risks in the emerging service economy.
2) Insurance and Finance: This research programme comprises academic and professional research activities in the fields of finance where they are relevant to the insurance and risk management sector.
3) The Four Pillars — Research Programme on Social Security, Insurance, Savings and Employment: To identify possible solutions to the problem of the future financing of pensions and, more generally, of social security in our post-industrial societies.
4) Health and Ageing: This programme seeks to bring together facts, figures and analyses linked to issues in health. The key is to test new and promising ideas, linking them to related studies and initiatives in the health sector and trying to find solutions for the future financing of healthcare.
5) Insurance Economics: It is dedicated to making an original contribution to the progress of insurance through promoting studies of the interdependence between economics and insurance, to highlighting the importance of risk and insurance economics as part of the modern general economic theory.
6) PROGRES (regulation and legal issues): This research programme focuses on questions related to regulation, supervision and international co-operation of insurance and financial services as well as other legal issues of importance.
Today, after more than 30 years of existence, The Geneva Association has become a fixture for the insurance world through the quality of its research and the expertise of its global networks.

The Geneva Association
53 route de Malagnou, 1208 Ginevra