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Secondary Dementias and Prevention

By secondary dementias we mean those pathological conditions in which the more or less important change in the cognitive functions represents only one of the manifestations of the clinical picture. Read More

The Long Term Costs of Lifestyle Risks. Pathways to Change: A Case Study in the UK

1. Introduction

The focus of this paper is on improving health opportunities for the 40-65 age group – tomorrow’s older generation. The discussion takes place against a background of restrictions in funding: so that health services are likely to face a position in which demand rises by 25% over the next five years while funding in real terms rises by 5%. In this situation it is vital to take a preventive approach. Read More


In search of what the “Wealth of Nations” means today, when the Industrial Revolution has given way to the Service Economy, these European Papers propose to consider the lengthening of the life cycle a key, decisive social and economic issue. Read More

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