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Paper No. 9, February 2008: The Turin Conference on the New Welfare

Content Summary

Orio Giarini and Angelo Scarioni

A Longer Life Cycle: Introductions

Facing Demographic Transition
Ivo Slaus

The Necessity for a Restructuring of the Welfare System
Enrico Salza

A Longer Life: Yes, but How and at What Cost? Ethical Issues
Claude Bébéar
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Paper No. 8, September 2007: Issues on the Counter-Ageing Society

ep8cop.gifContent Summary

Orio Giarini and Mara Tagliabue

General Policy

The Political Economy of State-Based Pensions: A Focus on Innovative Reforms­­
James C. Capretta

Implications of Demographic Change in Enlarged Eu on Patterns of Saving and Consumption and in Related Consumer’s Behaviour­­
Carlo Maccheroni

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Paper No. 6, October 2006: Ageing and counter-ageing

n6001.gifContent summary

Orio Giarini

Financial sustainability of social protection systems
Maite Barea

Phased Retirement: Who Opts for It and Toward What End?
Yung-Ping Chen and John C. Scott

Part-Time Pensions and Part-Time Work in Sweden
Eskil Wadensjö

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Paper No. 4, February 2006: Welfare and the Lenghtening of the Life Cycle

n4001.gifContent summary

Orio Giarini

Generation30 — The Present and future of young people in the long-life society
Beatriz Fernandez and Gordon Henrik Wollgam

Technological Changes, the Reversal of Age Pyramids and the Future of Retirement Systems
Yehuda Kahane

Sustainable Development and Quality of Life in the Ageing Societies
Aleksander Zidanšek

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Paper No. 1, May 2005: Health, Ageing and Work

n1001.gifContent summary

Orio Giarini

Pension Economics and the Four Pillars: a Never-Ending Challenge
Patrick M. Liedtke

The Challenge of Increasing Life Spans for Employment and Pension Schemes: An Open Letter to All Those Who Are, or Will Be, 65
Orio Giarini

Strategies for the Welfare Society in the Larger Europe: the Insurance Perspective
Sergio Balbinot

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