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Paper No.26 / 2015

Content Summary

Counter-Ageing Philosophy
Aldo Dobrina

Rethinking Economics, the Role of Insurance: Adam Smith Upside Down—The Central Role of Insurance in the New Post-Industrial (Service) Economy
Orio Giarini

European Papers on the New Welfare, No. 24, 2014

Content Summary

Cancer Mortality Swiss Paradox
Roberto Vacca

Aging of Society and New Medical Technology: The Challenge for Health Insurers to Meet the Expectations of Consumers and Governments
Peter Zweifel

Mobilising the Potential of Active Ageing and Silver Economy in European Countries
Asghar Zaidi

Itinerary to the Third Age – Special Edition of the European Papers on the New Welfare, No. 21, 2013


Content Summary


Introduction: From Limits to Growth to Limitless Growth
– Garry Jacobs & Ivo Šlaus

Chapter 1: From Trieste to Texas

Chapter 2: Glories and disasters in the chemical industry

Chapter 3: The battle for Europe

Chapter 4: In the world of research

Chapter 5: The Club of Rome and the limits to growth


Chapter 6: Towards the Service Economy

Chapter 7: The Geneva Association (1973 – 2001)

Chapter 8: The Fourth Pillar, To the Conquest of 15 years of life

Chapter 9: An Open Letter to All Those Who Are or Will Be 65

Addendum 1: The Context For The Democratic Revolution Reconceptualising Macro-Economics

Addendum 2: Introductory Notes On New Economic Theory
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Paper N.19 / 2012

Content Summary

Active Ageing: What differential experiences across EU countries?
Asghar Zaidi and Eszter Zolyomi

Paper No. 17, 2011: Counter-ageing policies

Content Summary

The multipillar system for health care financing: Thirteen good reasons for open capitalisation funds covering both pension and health care provisions
Fabio Pammolli e Nicola C. Salerno

Dance For Life
Hwa A. Lim

The Global Aging Preparedness Index: A New Tool for Assessing  How Well Prepared Countries are for Global Aging
Richard Jackson

Paper No. 15, October 2010: Welfare for Wealth

Content Summary


The Elderly between the Needs for Care and Active Ageing
Tiziana Tesauro and Luca Pianelli

Aging of the Elderly: An Intragenerational Funding Approach to Long-term Care
Susan St. John and Yung-Ping Chen

Costs of Political Intermediation and Sustainability of the European Social Model in Health Care: the Dutch Example
Giulio Ercolessi

Sustainability and Adequacy of Pensions in EU countries: Synthesis from a Cross-national Perspective
Asghar Zaidi

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Paper No. 13, October 2009: Steps Towards the European Welfare


Content Summary

Orio Giarini

The Long Term Costs of Lifestyle Risks. Pathways to Change: A Case Study in the UK
Nick Bosanquet and Helen Rainbow

Secondary Dementias and Prevention
Vincenzo Marigliano

Care Work in the EU: Support Measures in a Context of Demographic Change
Robert Anderson

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Paper No. 11, January 2009: Towards a New Welfare


Content Summary

Editorial: Welfare and the Wealth of Nations
Orio Giarini

Editorial: “New Age for All Ages”: The Counter-Ageing Society
Mara Tagliabue

The European Social Pension: A Theoretical Exercise
Milton Nektarios

Intertwining of Ageing and Sustainability in Eastern Europe
Aleksander Zidanšek and Ivo Šlaus

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Paper No. 9, February 2008: The Turin Conference on the New Welfare

Content Summary

Orio Giarini and Angelo Scarioni

A Longer Life Cycle: Introductions

Facing Demographic Transition
Ivo Slaus

The Necessity for a Restructuring of the Welfare System
Enrico Salza

A Longer Life: Yes, but How and at What Cost? Ethical Issues
Claude Bébéar
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Paper No. 8, September 2007: Issues on the Counter-Ageing Society

ep8cop.gifContent Summary

Orio Giarini and Mara Tagliabue

General Policy

The Political Economy of State-Based Pensions: A Focus on Innovative Reforms­­
James C. Capretta

Implications of Demographic Change in Enlarged Eu on Patterns of Saving and Consumption and in Related Consumer’s Behaviour­­
Carlo Maccheroni

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