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The Silver Workers Institute: Active Retirees in Germany

This part of our publication presents texts which are not original. They are motivated and written under various contexts: they provide an insight on the fact that the lenghtening of the life cycle is of greater and greater concern and interest in many different directions. The counter-ageing society is an issue which needs to be perceived on the basis of a true, practical as well as theoretical, multidisciplinary approach. On the basis of this larger vision, the work, activity and research of any specialist can be better appreciated and given value within the framework of a global background of reference.

1. First Empirical Survey Reveals Large Idle Potential for Economy and Society

A recently completed research project from Leuphana University Lueneburg and The Geneva Association, ‘think tank’ of the world leading insurance companies, gives a first empirical insight into the present situation and concrete expectations of paid and voluntarily active retirees (Silver Workers) in Germany.
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