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Why the Young Generation Does not Care about the Long-Life Phenomenon — and Ways to Change This

1. Finding Out About the Young Generation’s Opinion on Long-Life Societies — Three Vain Attempts

A first, common-sense approach to finding out about the attitude of Western Europe‘s younger generation towards ageing and the long-life society is to have a look at NEON1. This monthly magazine is printed in an edition of roughly 300,000 copies and is mostly read by young adults between 20 and 30 of both sexes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. NEON has a reputation for keeping track of the thinking and the attitudes of the younger generation. Rather astonishingly, there is hardly any coverage of ageing and the long-life issue in recent NEON editions. This fact is astonishing indeed because it will be precisely the generation between 20 and 30 who will experience the peak of the recent development towards ageing societies in all Western countries.
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