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A Longer Life: Yes, But How and at What Cost? Ethical Issues

1. Introduction
The topic here is not ageing, but the evolution towards a long life society.
Admittedly, life expectancy is increasing, but the age at which someone can be considered to be old is rising in parallel. Since 1945, life expectancy in France has lengthened by 17 years for men and by 19 years for women. The figures for Japan are even more striking: 32 years for women and 28 years for men. To be aged 72, as I am, is not the same thing as it was in 1945 or in 1900. In France, 70% of those aged over 70 live without health worries. In 2040 the number of people aged over 75 will be the same as the number aged over 60 in 1940.
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