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Mobilising the Potential of Active Ageing and Silver Economy in European Countries


This paper discusses the policy measures required to promote the employment and social activities of older population, and to tap the potential of the Silver Economy. It provides the latest evidence on the contributions made by older people across the EU countries, as active participants in the workforce, as family carers and volunteers. It also discusses how adaptation of the economy to the ageing society can influence positively the opportunities for greater economic growth. All of these points argue a need to come up with solutions which embrace the needs of the older cohorts. Read More

Sustainability and Adequacy of Pensions in EU countries: Synthesis from a Cross-national Perspective

1. Introduction

The challenges to financial sustainability that EU countries face are well documented, and the focus is justifiably on policy reforms that are addressing them. But, the impact of reforms now on the design of pension systems and incomes of future retirees is less clearly delineated, and this paper addresses this issue. Read More

Multidimensional Perspective on the Well-being of Older People

1. Introduction

The ageing process begins in childhood and by passing through all different phases of life, and accumulating life experiences along the way, we end up living in old age. The focus of the research work reported here is this old age phase of life. The emphasis on older people is motivated by some well-known stylised facts of contemporary societies.
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