Paper No. 15, October 2010: Welfare for Wealth

Content Summary


The Elderly between the Needs for Care and Active Ageing
Tiziana Tesauro and Luca Pianelli

Aging of the Elderly: An Intragenerational Funding Approach to Long-term Care
Susan St. John and Yung-Ping Chen

Costs of Political Intermediation and Sustainability of the European Social Model in Health Care: the Dutch Example
Giulio Ercolessi

Sustainability and Adequacy of Pensions in EU countries: Synthesis from a Cross-national Perspective
Asghar Zaidi

A Comparative Analysis of Welfare Systems and the Health and Social Sector: Evidence from 16 European Countries
Gabriella Pappadà

Dementia and Diagnosis — The Discrepancies in Response across Europe
Sally-Marie Bamford

The Evolution of Clinical Engineering and the Development of Digital and Molecular Medicine: Cultural and Economic Effects
Diego Bravar

Securing Decent Pensions for Nurses: Gaining Insights into the Issues at Stake for an ‘Atypical’ Workforce
Hedva Sarfati

The Post-Socialist Transition and Care for Older People in Slovenia
Valentina Hlebec

Document: Strengthening Older Persons’ Rights

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