Paper No. 13, October 2009: Steps Towards the European Welfare


Content Summary

Orio Giarini

The Long Term Costs of Lifestyle Risks. Pathways to Change: A Case Study in the UK
Nick Bosanquet and Helen Rainbow

Secondary Dementias and Prevention
Vincenzo Marigliano

Care Work in the EU: Support Measures in a Context of Demographic Change
Robert Anderson

Aging in the United States and South Korea: Reexamining the Recommendations of the Commission on Global Aging
Paul S. Hewitt

The number of centenarians in Europe
Jean-Marie Robine and Yasuhiko Saito

The Elderly Worker’s Exit from the Company
Renzo Scortegagna

Learning Against Aging. Training Opportunities for the Elderly to Learn in the New Technologies
Elisabetta Risi

Possible Activation Strategies for Older Workers Dismissed Early from Employment
Francesco Pirone

The Labour Market for Older Workers in Sweden: Changes and Prospects
Gabriella Sjögren Lindquist and Eskil Wadensjö

Italy and Denmark from Early Retirement to Active Ageing. Problems and Solutions for Structural Unemployment and Pension Funding
Furio Stamati

The Global Financial Crisis: A Challenge and Trial Concerning the Bulgarian Pension Model
Plamen Yordanov

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