Paper No. 11, January 2009: Towards a New Welfare


Content Summary

Editorial: Welfare and the Wealth of Nations
Orio Giarini

Editorial: “New Age for All Ages”: The Counter-Ageing Society
Mara Tagliabue

The European Social Pension: A Theoretical Exercise
Milton Nektarios

Intertwining of Ageing and Sustainability in Eastern Europe
Aleksander Zidanšek and Ivo Šlaus

The Transition to Retirement: A Problem or a Resource?
Carla Facchini

Pension System Reforms and Trade Union Policies: Overview of Eu — Western Europe
Martin Hutsebaut

Potential Labor Supply and Flexible Work Options for All Workers: An Exploratory Essay
Yung-Ping Chen, Eskil Wadensjo and Andrea Tull

Multidimensional Perspective on the Well-being of Older People
Asghar Zaidi

USA Retirees 2008 Survey: Summary Report
Dallas Salisbury

Medicare in USA: Present and Future
James C. Capretta

The Need for Age-Neutral Training in the ‘Silver Society’
Roger Hessel

Towards the Improvement in Working Conditions for Older Workers: Empirical Evidence from Maltese Companies
Andrea Principi and Giovanni Lamura

The Interaction of Public and Private Systems in Health Care Provision: The Italian Two-faced Janus
Giuseppe Turchetti


The Graying of the Great Powers — Demography and Geopolitics in the 21st Century
Richard Jackson and Neil Howe

Clinical Aspects of Long-Term Risk Management
Christopher Ball

Long Term Care Underwriting and Claims Assessment Protocols — The Uk Experience
Ross Campbell

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