Paper No. 9, February 2008: The Turin Conference on the New Welfare

Content Summary

Orio Giarini and Angelo Scarioni

A Longer Life Cycle: Introductions

Facing Demographic Transition
Ivo Slaus

The Necessity for a Restructuring of the Welfare System
Enrico Salza

A Longer Life: Yes, but How and at What Cost? Ethical Issues
Claude Bébéar

Insurance: A Leading Player in the New Welfare
Fausto Marchionni

Health and Ageing

Longevity and Predictive Medicine
Vincenzo Marigliano

Scenarios for Health Policy and Funding in Europe
Nick Bosanquet

Domotics in the Counter-Ageing Society
Nicola Pangher

Between Compression and Shifting Mortality: the Longevity Revolution
Jean-Marie Robine

Health and Ageing: the Case for Long-Term Care
Philippe Trainar

A Longer Life: Scenarios for a Counter-Ageing Revolution
Cinzia Castagnaro and Raimondo Cagiano de Azevedo

Functioning and Disability in Ageing Population in Europe: What Policy for Which Interventions?
Matilde Leonardi, Chatterji Somnath and Bickenbach E. Jerome

Health and Long-Term Living: Trends and Best Practices in Europe
Angelo Carenzi

Why the Young Generation Does Not Care about the Long-Life Phenomenon — and Ways to Change This
Gordon Henrik Wollgam

European Issues and Policies on Welfare

The Strategy of the Four Pillars in a Long-Life Society
Geneviève Reday-Mulvey

Work and Pension in Sweden
Eskil Wadensjö

Stop and Go in the Italian Pension Reform Process
Elsa Fornero

The Management of Active Ageing: From the increasing of the Retirement Age to the New Risks of Employment Among the Middle Aged
Maria Luisa Mirabile

Comments on Working Longer: Comprehensiveness, Timeliness and Gradualness of Reforms
Paolo Sestito

Pensions Reforms in EU Members States: Progress and Challenges
Ruth Paserman

Company Measures for Retention and Reintegration of Workers at Risk of Exclusion: European Experiences with Older Workers
Jorma Karppinen

Active Ageing and Pension Policies in the Context of the European Employment Strategy
Martin Hutsebaut


Changes in European Welfare: New Forms of Citizenship
Bjørn Hvinden and Hakan Johansson

Ageing in Slovenia and Sustainability
Aleksander Zidansek

Caring for a Family Member with Dementia: Evidence from a Cross Sectional Comparative Study on Caregiver Burden and Psychological Well-Being
Cristian Balducci, Maria Gabriella Melchiorre, Sabrina Quattrini and Giovanni Lamura

Demographic Ageing and Structural Imbalances in China
Manuela Stranges

DOCUMENT: Active Retirees in Germany – The Silver Workers Institute
Jürgen Deller, Patrick M. Liedtke

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