Paper No. 8, September 2007: Issues on the Counter-Ageing Society

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Orio Giarini and Mara Tagliabue

General Policy

The Political Economy of State-Based Pensions: A Focus on Innovative Reforms­­
James C. Capretta

Implications of Demographic Change in Enlarged Eu on Patterns of Saving and Consumption and in Related Consumer’s Behaviour­­
Carlo Maccheroni

Active Ageing: the EU Policy Response to the Challenge of Population Ageing
Dede Kasneci

The Lisbon Strategy: Economic and Social Strategic Impacts for the South East European Countries
Višnja Samardžija

Social Dialogue for Sustainable Pensions and Flexible Labour Markets
Hedva Sarfati


On Positron Emission Tomography and Proton Therapy
Nebojša Neškovic´

Are the Elderly Strange Adults? Social Psychology’s Contribution to the Study of Ageing
Antonella Deponte

Mental Health: Another Dimension of Health and Ageing
Yung-Ping Chen

Activity and Health in Old Ages: A Reciprocal Influence
Cristina Giudici


Annuities: Private Solution to Longevity Risk
Lukas Steinmann and Veronica Scotti

The Open Problems of Italian Complementary Social Security
Marcello Messori

Pensions, Social Security and Private Insurance Solutions: Opportunities Squandered
Patrick M. Liedtke


Flexible Retirement in Europe
Elsa Fornero and Chiara Monticone

A Comment on Flexible Work Option for All in the USA
Yung-Ping Chen

Company Initiatives for an Ageing Workforce in Italy
Andrea Principi, Marie V. Gianelli and Giovanni Lamura

Immigration As a Remedy for Population Decline? An Overview of the European Countries
Manuela Stranges

Life-course Disruptions and their Impact on Income and Living Conditions in EU Member States
Mattia Makovec and Asghar Zaidi


Ageing and Rejuvenation (Counter-Ageing) of European Populations: The Philosophical Foundations
Raimondo Cagiano de Azevedo

The Generational Impact Statement: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?
Paul S. Hewitt


The Four Pillars of U.S. Retirement
Prudential Financial, Newark

Retirement Dreams and Realities
AXA, Paris

On Private Solutions for Seniors to Cover Chronic Conditions
Jeffrey King

Declaration on Full Employment in Each South East European Country
South East European Division of the World Academy of Art and Science

Eight Propositions on the Elderly
Ludo Dierickx, the Green Movement, Belgium

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