Paper No. 6, October 2006: Ageing and counter-ageing

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Orio Giarini

Financial sustainability of social protection systems
Maite Barea

Phased Retirement: Who Opts for It and Toward What End?
Yung-Ping Chen and John C. Scott

Part-Time Pensions and Part-Time Work in Sweden
Eskil Wadensjö

Is the fertility decline a consequence of the growth of the welfare state? Evidence from historical data
Mikko Puhakka and Matti Viren

The biology of aging
S. Gustincich, M. Biagioli, R. Calligaris, Z. Scotto Lavina and S. Zucchelli

Health Care System in the Industrialised Countries and the Role of Private Insurance
Alfeo Zanette and Monica Ricatti

Longevity, Systemic Models and Business Risk
Andrea Battista

Abstracts from The Employment Dilemma and the Future of Work
Orio Giarini and Patrick M. Liedtke

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