Paper No. 4, February 2006: Welfare and the Lenghtening of the Life Cycle

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Orio Giarini

Generation30 — The Present and future of young people in the long-life society
Beatriz Fernandez and Gordon Henrik Wollgam

Technological Changes, the Reversal of Age Pyramids and the Future of Retirement Systems
Yehuda Kahane

Sustainable Development and Quality of Life in the Ageing Societies
Aleksander Zidanšek

The Greying of the Middle Kingdom: The Demographics and Economics of Retirement Policy in China
Richard Jackson and Neil Howe

From Bismarck’s Pension Trap to the New Silver Workers of Tomorrow: Reflections on the German Pension Problem
Patrick M. Liedtke

Long-Term Care: A Key Issue for the 2005 White House Conference on Ageing
Yung-Ping Chen

Eurotrophic factors and longevity: an evolutionary view of the role of the brain in regulating lifespan
Enrico Tongiorgi

Technology-based services supporting ageing in place
Nicola Pangher

The Double Helix of Learning and Work Arguments for Vocational Contents in Higher Education
Mircea Malitza and Elena Gheorghiu

Solving the Pensions Puzzle
Monika Queisser and Edward Whitehouse

The Role of Private Insurance in a Society which Prolongs the Life Cycle
Fausto Marchionni

The Polish pension system in comparative perspective
Maciej Duszczyk and Jakub Wiśniewski

The Pension System in Romania
Tudor Moldovan

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