Paper No. 1, May 2005: Health, Ageing and Work

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Orio Giarini

Pension Economics and the Four Pillars: a Never-Ending Challenge
Patrick M. Liedtke

The Challenge of Increasing Life Spans for Employment and Pension Schemes: An Open Letter to All Those Who Are, or Will Be, 65
Orio Giarini

Strategies for the Welfare Society in the Larger Europe: the Insurance Perspective
Sergio Balbinot

Building the European Welfare Policy
Jaroslaw Pietras and Maciej Duszczyk

The Demographic Situation Now and in the Next 10 to 20 Years
Raimondo Cagiano de Azevedo

Longevity: a Right to Be Achieved
Vincenzo Marigliano, Mina Brückner, Laura Tafaro and Maria Teresa Tombolillo

Extending the Disease Pattern Shift
Giorgio Stanta and Davide Brunetti

Jobs-Led Development Incorporating Svecchiamento as an Asset?
Ivo Šlaus

Active Ageing: a Core Policy Priority for the European Union
Fritz von Nordheim Nielsen

Why and How to Prolong Working Life: a Labour Market Perspective
Paolo Sestito

Why is the Employment Rate of Older Swiss so High? An Analysis of the Social Security System
David Dorn and Alfonso Sousa-Poza

Employment of Older Workers in the Netherlands: Recent Reforms
Geneviève Reday-Mulvey and Katalin Velladics

How to Reconcile Employees Interest with the Increasing Older Workers Employment Policies
Martin Hutsebaut

The Double Helix of Learning and Work
Mircea Malitza

Basic Factors of Needed Welfare Policy Supporting the Counter-Ageing Society in the Czech Republic
Karel Zeman

A Project of Gradual Retirement in Croatia
Vladimir Miletic

Private Health Insurance in OECD Countries: A Policy Brief
Francesca Colombo and Nicole Tapay

The Role of Management in Healthcare Reform Process in Slovenia
Miroslav Končina

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